Canada second on Chinese travellers’ bucket list

Chinese millennials born after 1990 are pushing the boundaries of international travel, increasing their travel expenditure in the past year by a whopping 80 per cent to fund social media-influenced trips full of edgy experiences, high-tech accommodation, exotic delicacies and taboo-ticket items.

According to the seventh annual Chinese International Travel Monitor (CITM), the majority of those travellers are star struck by global pop-culture, film and TV. Selfies were a huge part of their experiences last year, with 63 per cent taking selfies to boost their social brand.

With the number of Chinese travellers to Canada increasing by 67 per cent in the past 12 months, Canada jumped up two positions to the 12th most popular destination. Halfway through the 2018 Canada-China tourism year, Canada is the second most preferred country Chinese travellers plan to visit for the first time in the next 12 months, an increase from third place last year.

Apart from natural beauty and landscapes, Chinese travellers to Canada are interested in experiencing music festivals and quirky or modern art. Overall, they’re embracing authentic experiences, tasting exotic local delicacies (69 per cent) and scouring the streets for authentic local items (43 per cent) over shopping for luxury items (38 per cent). According to the CITM report, Chinese travellers feel comfortable and most welcome in destinations when shop assistants speak Mandarin, Chinese mobile wallet is accepted and there is signage they can understand.

Photo: Chinese millennials are pushing the boundaries on edgy international travel. CNW Group/ photo

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