Local pop singer, Vicki Lovelee, released a stunning music video for her new song Breaking Barriers.

Born and raised in Markham, the singer used local forests and fields for the video’s location.

“I wanted to capture the beauty and atmosphere of forests, and there’s so many of them in Markham,” Lovelee said. “I wanted nature to help tell my song’s story.

“Despite the pandemic, I was still able to film my music video. With a small, hardworking team and filming outdoors, we were able to social distance and film without sacrificing my artistic vision”.

Lovelee graduated from Markham District High School and became a York University alumni in 2017, where she studied Jazz Vocal Performance. Since then, she has worked various roles in the music industry such as a stage manager at Canadian Music Week and a social media marketer at Tone Labs Music.

In 2019, the singer decided to pursue her dream of being a pop artist. She has released three songs and two music videos since then.

“I’m really excited to continue this path and share my music with everyone,” Lovelee said. “Even though it’s a lot of hard work, I know this is what I’m meant to do”.

Checkout Lovelee’s music on youtube.

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