Beth Eshete at Mosaic Home Care Services Community Resource Centres

If you are looking for a wealth of fun and engaging community events in Markham, then check out the Mosaic Resources Centre –  a community centre for youth, parents, seniors and newcomers to Canada.

Some of the services and activities offered at the centre include community cafés, memory cafés, knitting groups, movies and popcorn screenings, 3-part chair yoga events, and presentations by such organizations as Evergreen, Big Brothers, Big Sisters and more.

Ms. Eshete mentioned that her work at the centre is incredibly rewarding and how much she loves helping and being there for the community members who come in and demonstrate a need for the services they have. She mentioned about one lady who came in and was seeking some support as she was going through a divorce. Ms. Eshete enjoyed being able to sit with her and spend the time talking to her in-depth about her experiences and being able to provide some comfort for this lady.

Beth also spoke at length about how busy and bustling the centre can become and how the fact that they are centrally located within the mall is such a helpful piece to keeping their services visible to the community.

All events are designed and specifically tailored to create community engagement and togetherness, to bring people together, to create a wonderful environment and atmosphere of creativity, and so much more.

Upcoming events include a speaker about Ancient Egypt in October and the Mosaic Holiday Celebration on December 20.

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