Author: Ted Scaldwell

Mega international film studio announced For Markham

Following declarations over the last half decade about companies choosing Markham over other municipalities, now comes what is arguably the most significant announcement to date. Upon completion, privately-owned First Studio City will have more than 400,000 sq. ft. on approximately 15 acres and be able to accommodate two massive Hollywood productions along with several simultaneous mid-sized features that will be able to produce feature-length motion pictures created for the global marketplace. “This development will increase production space for local and international films that will attract Hollywood North, China and Bollywood, while continuing to support high-paying skilled jobs in the...

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Markham revels in another difference from Toronto

With so much talk about cannabis these days, Markham residents can be forgiven if they thought Mayor Frank Scarpitti recently announced marijuana dispensary locations in the city. Then what’s all the hype about? The good news is the announcement was actually about city efficiency and saving taxpayers money. With merely Steeles Avenue dividing York Region from the City of Toronto, it turns out that potholes have become a new way of measuring the effectiveness of a municipal administration and the two cities are apparently worlds apart. It’s been a busy year already for Markham staff. “Markham is exceeding the...

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Women Of Markham combine forces for charity

Do you remember learning the math times tables in school? Didn’t it seem like the ultimate when you could easily recall that 100 times 100 equalled 10,000? Well, a group of Markham women have used that as the basis for what has been an ultimate experience in philanthropy, with some division thrown in. The phrase, “giving back to the community,” has taken on a new meaning for a generous group of creative women in Markham with a unique approach to charity. The organization is called is 100 Women Who Care Markham. Here’s where the math comes in. The group...

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An angel leaves behind happiness

When someone calls out of the blue and says, “I’ve found your long-lost birth mother,” the reaction can be a mix of both tremendous joy and intrepid anxiety. And, so too, it can be the same for a birth parent who learns that a child they gave up at adoption wants to know them. Incredibly, a humble school teacher and former resident of Mississauga has reunited 220 grateful families, single-handedly in her spare time. The daughter of curious parents who themselves were fascinated by real unsolved criminal mysteries, Colleen O’Grady Johnson appears to have received a gene which resulted...

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Mayor Frank Scarpitti shares thoughts on 2017 And 2018

Reflecting on the highlights of 2017, Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti said “It was a year to remember with the celebration of Canada and Ontario’s 150th birthdays. I think the City of Markham stood out in terms of the depth, the amount of celebration, and community engagement. It engaged the community from a neighbourhood level.” Scarpitti is also pleased the “Lasting Legacies” commemorative projects, launched in conjunction with the year-long celebration and partially funded by the federal government, will be enjoyed for many years. In the Markham Village neighbourhood, it includes the construction of a new memorial square to commemorate...

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