Author: Dave Gordon

Auto accidents have gone down, as insurance rates increase

The number of car accidents province-wide has been decreasing, yet insurance rates keep going up, according to a recent report from Ontario’s auto insurance adviser, David Marshall. In the first three months of 2017, costs increased by an average of 1.24 per cent, says the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. This, despite the Liberal government having promised in 2013 a 15 per cent rate cut within two years. Premier Kathleen Wynne reportedly called the missed deadline a “stretch goal”. Ontarians pay, on average, about $1,450 in auto insurance premiums per person – about $500 more than any other parts...

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Life insurance just got easier to buy

  It is now even easier to ensure your family has a safety net, should something unfortunate occur. Touted as the “first fully digital insurance solution”, Invisor Financial Inc. announced recently that their life insurance policies are now available for purchase online. The product, called Invisor TermLife, is available for residents of Manitoba and Ontario, and provides coverage for up to a half million dollars, for terms of ten to forty years. Medical tests are not mandatory. “Invisor was founded on the principles of simplifying the buying process for Canadians, and providing them with great products at affordable prices,”...

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Weins Canada is one of our city’s shining stars

If you put a car end-to-end from Toronto to Montreal, that’s how many vehicles Weins Canada has sold since opening, in 1973. That milestone – a whopping 100,000 cars – was the latest in the company’s many successes. Formerly known as the Don Valley North Automotive Group, Weins Canada opened its first dealership, Don Valley North Toyota, in Markham forty-four years ago. It went from delivering nearly five hundred cars in year one, to today’s seven thousand per year. That same exponential growth has been seen with the opening of ten partner dealerships, and a jump from 27 employees...

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How you can change your financial life

It’s that time of year again, when people have either filed their taxes or about to file. It’s also that time when people realize how much – or how little – they have made over the year, and what’s left over. Regardless of financial situation, next year can be better, experts say. It just takes knowing how to manage the money. The first rule of thumb is to know when to save, and when to spend, says Brad Cohen, a financial security advisor from the Markham office of Freedom 55. “The savers are the people who, before they pay...

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Be cautious when filing your taxes

  There is a “long list of tax changes” this year, says local accountant Peter Still – though what people tend to neglect most are some basic tax filing principles. Donations and medical expenses are two examples. “People forget to put medical expenses on the lower income spouse. The medical expenses should be on the higher income spouse,” he said. Additionally, if filing on your own, another point to remember is to split pensions, where the higher income person can split with the lower income, “and it can make a big difference.” For those using an accountant, make a...

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