Amanda Yeung Collucci hosts Diwali celebration

Amanda Yeung Collucci held a Diwali celebration for Ward 6 residents at Wismer Park Oct. 22 in honour of the South Asian community.  The event featured live dance performances, presentations and special treats for the diverse group of attendees to enjoy.

Diwali is know as the Festival of Lights and Collucci was joined on stage by Nirmala Armstrong (Regional Councillor), Bang Gu Jiang (former federal Liberal candidate for Markham-Unionville) for a traditional lighting ceremony.

“Ward 6 is such a diverse ward not only (here) but the whole City of Markham, as well and I was actually saying to some of my constituents who asked ‘what is Diwali?’. I said ‘that’s great, I’m glad that you are here this evening because we’re going to show you what a Diwali celebration is all about and in fact, I think that Chinese culture and also the Indian culture – there’s a lot of similarities. We just had our Mid-Autumn Festival celebration with a lot of beautiful lights with giving thanks to people who helped us and just have a sense of a Thanksgiving appreciation. Diwali is very similar as well, which is light over dark, goodness over bad..,” said Yeung Collucci.

(Pictured L to R: Ban Gu Jiang; Nirmala Armstrong, Regional Councillor; and Amanda Yeung Collucci, Ward 6 Councillor on stage for the official lighting ceremony at her Diwali Celebration in Wismer Park Oct. 22)

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