51 Markham Food Fest Celebrates Asian heritage

51.ca Media Group is one of the largest Chinese digital media platforms in Canada, and this year, they are celebrating their 15th anniversary by partnering up with Pumpkin Seed Solutions marketing agency to present you with the 51 Markham Food Fest. This spectacular event is taking place this month from July 30-July 31 at the Metro Square, where friends and family from all over the city will gather to sample a variety of Asian street food from the numerous vendors that will be attending the festival this year.

Food, drinks, and entertainment are just some of the many things that this event has to offer to its guests. This particular local food festival emphasizes on welcoming cultural diversity and acceptance by sharing pieces of the Asian culture within the Markham community, in addition to giving them a taste of the Asian heritage. Better yet, individuals of all ages are welcomed with free admission, a perfect pick for a family weekend or a casual hang out with friends.

Celebrating the 15th anniversary, what can we expect? This year, the food festival is expecting to have over 26000 individuals attend the event. Not only will there be an endless selection of food vendors to choose from, but there will be additional booths with activities and goods that represent the Asian heritage. Furthermore, there will be live shows that will be performed during both days that will highlight the artistic talents of select individuals. This includes dances performed by young children, musical numbers performed by emerging artists, and more. To top it all off, 51.ca is bringing respective players of Pokemon Go, the new mobile gaming app, with exclusive features that will only be available at this event.

So whether it’s food, gaming, or live entertainment that interests you, there is something for everyone at the 51 Markham Food Fest. Set the date and mark your calendars, because this will be a fun-filled weekend that you won’t want to miss.

Check out 51 Markham Food Fest on Facebook for information.



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