Canada China Trade Innovation Alliance

cctia-presented-certificate-of-appreciate-to-ontario-minitry-of-agricultcctia-esteemed-guests-sponsors-and-board-of-members-group-pictureOn September 16, Canada China Trade Innovation Alliance (CCTIA) organized an annual gathering event in Markham. Attendees at this event included officials from both Canadian and Chinese governments and multiple industry leaders from different communities.  Mayor Frank Scarpitti granted CCTIA a plaque for CCTIA’s dedicated contributions for promoting the innovative bilateral trade, culture, and technology exchanges between Canada and China.

 This event announced the CCTIA Board of Members for 2016-2017. The Board of Members are from different industries, such as manufacturing, retail, financial, import/export, clean tech, and service industry. Meanwhile, topic speeches related to Canada and China Trade and local Canadian operations were hosted. Many in attendance praised the speakers, noting that they learned new information and the topics were valuable to their business growth.

 CCTIA annual gathering received support from CIBC, Re/Max, TeamBahamani, Lumesmart Inc., TechChina Solutions, Liquid Capital, and WellConnected.

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