Author: Stephanie Liu

Celebrate Chinese New Year in Markham with local festivities

Chinese New Year, also referred to as Lunar New Year, is an annual tradition that marks the first day of the new year in the Chinese calendar. This year, Chinese New Year is on Feb. 16. The why the celebration doesn’t fall on Jan. 1 is because the Chinese calendar is based around the moon. That means that the day that Chinese New Year is celebrated changes every year because it will always fall on the day of the new moon, which occurs after the winter solstice.   This year is the year of the dog, one of the...

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New minimum wage creates new opportunities for low-income workers

Though the new minimum wage hike will cost companies, low-income students and adults alike will benefit from the increase. In November 2017, the Ontario government passed labour reform legislation requiring employers to pay a $14 minimum wage rate. The increase was effective as of Jan. 1. With the new minimum wage increase, students are able to use the extra money earned in part-time jobs toward their schooling. Over the past decade, post-secondary tuition fees have increased by 40 per cent, giving Ontario the dubious distinction of having the highest tuition fees throughout all of Canada. “It benefits toward early...

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Top five movies to watch during Black History Month

Feb. 1 marks the first day of Black History Month, an annual celebration that recognizes the narratives and achievements of African-American individuals over past centuries. Though many black social activists have been commemorated, there have been several pivotal points in the film industry that not only highlight the successes of African-Americans, but also recognizes their contributions in creating a more accepting community for all. Here are five films that celebrates black history and the African-American culture:   1) Hidden Figures Source: Flickr Hidden Figures tells the narrative of three African-American women who defied all racial and gender norms when...

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Time’s Up: what it is and why you should care

On Jan. 1, more than 300 women working in the entertainment industry came together to introduce Time’s Up: a movement that not only shines a light on sexual harassment, but strives for women’s equality in the workplace. Last October, Rose McGowan and Gwyneth Paltrow were among the list of women who spoke out about their past experiences with sexual harassment. By the end of the month, the rise of sexual misconduct allegations led to the #MeToo movement. The hashtag trended on social media and created a community of women who shared their personal accounts on female-targeted discrimination in the...

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Youth helping youth in annual Covenant House Christmas drive

For the sixth year in a row, the Unionville Youth Council (UYC) has collected dozens of boxes filled with goods for their “Covenant House Christmas Drive.” As per their annual tradition, council members collect donations of stationery, clothing, backpacks and toiletries, to name a few, and deliver them to Covenant House, a homeless shelter for youth. “Every year we ask council members and members of the community to donate items to Covenant House, and every year we are overwhelmed with the responses we’ve gotten,” said Jovia Wong, UYC co-chair. Covenant House is the largest shelter in the country for...

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    November 5, 2017 - December 31, 2018