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Collectif9 presents classical music with rock-style charisma, combining boldness and the highest of musical standards with amplifi cation and lighting. Bringing classical music to pop-culture audiences in diverse spaces, the group encourages interaction, facilitating dialogue with their listeners. In their show Volksmobiles, Collectif9 delivers an uncompromising selection of short pieces, often folk-inspired. From Gagnon to Golijov, passing though Brahms and Schnittke, the repertoire of the group is integral to its identity. Between bursts of energy and dreamlike states, many of the presented pieces are original arrangements, and have rarely been played on the same program. Founded in Montréal in 2011 out of...

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Doublefish Table Tennis Tourney comes to Markham

  The Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Association in Markham played host to the Double Fish Cup this weekend in a tournament that stretched from September 30 – October 2. The event, part of the Association’s 10th anniversary celebration, hosted a global compliment of invited professionals and ambitious “non-professional” to compete for $50,000 in prize money. It also boasted an large Chinese contingent including top 20 world ranked players, but also players from Puerto Rico, Romania, Croatia, USA, Mexico, Brazil and even some local talent. The men’s open class was won by China Yu Zhou, a 17th in the world...

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Lower-for-longer interest rates require adjustments, Governor Poloz says

Canadians need to understand the forces that have led to a prolonged period of low interest rates and make adjustments, Bank of Canada Governor Stephen S. Poloz said. In a speech to the Association des économistes québécois, the Cercle finance du Québec and CFA Québec, Governor Poloz talked about the need for companies and households to adjust to the reality of interest rates that are likely to remain at low levels for a long time. Factors that restrain an economy’s speed limit—particularly aging workforces—are driving down interest rates in many countries. Lower-for-longer interest rates have made it more difficult...

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My interview with Andre De Grasse

On September 16, 2016,  I was given the opportunity to partake in the biggest event of the school year at Milliken Mills High School in Markham, maybe the biggest event the school has ever held. For years I had dreamt about interviewing the biggest stars in the world but I had no idea what I was in for. The rumor started that Andre De Grasse, three-time Olympic medalist in Rio, was coming to pay a visit to Milliken Mills High School (MMHS). I found out about this early on in the week and it was suggested to me, because...

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Applefest another huge success  

  Applefest brings smiles to kids of all ages offering up lots of fun for the entire family. Markham Concert Band played some great tunes, Old Firehall Confectionery took over the General Store offering up sweet treats, delicious apple cider and other apple treats were enjoyed. The museum’s exhibits were open and many of the kids enjoyed the Construction City exhibit taking time to build some of their own works of art. The annual event...

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Calendar of Events

  1. Varley Art Gallery

    July 30 - September 24
  2. 2017 Seniors’ Extravaganza

    October 16
  3. Parenting Expo 2017

    October 21 - October 22